Day 14


Type 1

Positive Comparative
As much as Not more than
As tall as Not taller than
As beautiful as Not more beautiful than


1. Gita is as tall as Usha. (positive)
Usha is not taller than Gita. (Comparative)
2. Our farmers work as much as our teachers. (positive)
Our teachers do not work more than our farmers. (Comparative)
3. Children are as beautiful as Angels (positive)
Angels are not more beautiful than children.(comparative)


Restate the following sentences as directed.

Type 2

Positive Comparative
Not so much as More than
Not so tall as Taller than
Not so beautiful as More beautiful than


1. Ganga is not so tall as Padma. (positive)
Padma is taller than Ganga. (Comparative)


1. Iraq is not as rich as Kuwait. (change into comparative)
2. Iron is more useful than gold. (into positive)
3. Lotus is not as sweet as rose. (into comparative)
4. The Danes are happier than the British. (into positive)

Type 3

Positive Comparative Superlative
No other … is so tall as Taller than any other The tallest
No one is as beautiful as More beautiful than any other The most beautiful



  1. No other stone is as hard as diamond. (change into comparative)
  2. Roses have a sweeter smell than all other flowers in the garden. (into superlative)
  3. Football is the most interesting sport. (into positive)
  4. Gandhiji was the greatest leader in the world. (into comparative)
  5. No other bee is as important as the queen bee. (into superlative)
  6. This ring is more expensive than any other in this shop. (into superlative)

Type 4

Positive Comparative Superlative
Very few … at tall as Taller than many other One of the tallest
Very few…as intelligent as More intelligent than many other One of the most intelligent



  1. Very few animals are as lazy as the donkey. (into comparative)
  2. Onion soup is tastier than many other soups I know. (into superlative)
  3. Melina is one of the youngest girls in the class. (into comparative)
  4. Mango is one of the sweetest fruits. (into comparative)
  5. The defense minister is more powerful than many other members of the cabinet. (into positive)
  6. Very few Greek warriors were as brave as Ulysses. (into superlative)

Type 5

Positive Comparative Superlative
Not as tall as some other… Some other… are taller than Not one of the tallest
Not as beautiful as some other Some other… are more beautiful than Not one of the most beautiful



  1. M.G. Road is not as straight as some other roads in Bombay. (into comparative)
  2. Some other theories are more complex than the theory of relativity. (into superlative)
  3. Midas was not one of the most handsome kings. (into positive)
  4. Gold is not one of the most useful metals. (into comparative)
  5. Some other countries are richer than England. (into positive)
  6. Russia is not so prosperous as some other countries in the world. (into superlative)


Positive Comparative
Regular Adjectives Irregular Adjectives
Short adjectives
Long adjectives

Short adjectives

Positive Comparative Superlative
I ------- -------er -------est
Bright Brighter Brightest
Clear Clearer Clearest
Pale Paler Palest
Small Smaller Smallest
II -------e -------r -------st
Brave Braver Bravest
Fine Finer Finest
Large Larger Largest
Noble Nobler Noblest
III ------y ------ier ------iest
Busy Busier Busiest
Easy Easier Easiest
Heavy Heavier Heaviest
IV ------ ------er ------est
Big Bigger Biggest
Fit Fitter Fittest
Sad Sadder Saddest
thin thinner thinnest

Long adjectives

Positive Comparative Superlative
------- More---- Most----
Active More active Most active
Beautiful More beautiful Most beautiful
Careful More careful Most careful
Difficult More difficult Most difficult
Grateful More grateful Most grateful
Harmless More harmless Most harmless
Useful More useful Most useful
violent More violent Most violent

Irregular Adjectives

Positive Comparative Superlative
Good Better Best
Bad Worse Worst
Evil Worse Worst
Ill Worse Worst
Little Less Least
Much More Most
Many More Most
Old Older Oldest
Old Elder Eldest
Fore Former Foremost
far farther farthest
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