Module - ‘O’- Spiritual Wisdom


For Peace and Harmony

Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent

God reflects Himself in the Living Human Person.
God is fully alive in the Living Human Person.
On realizing the presence of God within Ourselves and in Every Living Human Person, we become as Loving as Divine, as Powerful and as Creative as God Himself.
How to realize the Presence of God?
By Loving Every Living Human Person including Ourselves.

Our Global Family

The Sun radiates its Energy making Life on Earth possible.



Mother Earth shares energy equally with Her Children.
What makes God’s Children different, high and low, rich and poor, powerful and weak?
Is God a partial witness to some selected few?
Enter Sophie’s Nest for Spiritual Enlightenment.

Sophy’s Nest

For Spiritual Experience

Love Everybody. Live Every Moment in its Fullness.

Sophie is on her way to the mountains for the weekend after a weeklong work. She has walked the first half of her way admiring the scenic banks of the brook all alone but not always because she cannot be alone for long. Yes, she has Company within to listen to and talk to and draw wisdom from. As a human person she sometimes misses the presence of the Eternal Companion within. Who is that Eternal Companion within every Living Human Person?

That is our SOUL the one that was, that is and that will be forever.

How many of us live this COMPANY and how many of us miss it? I don’t know. But I know for sure how much Sophie lives this COMPANY in its fullness.

How much does she live her Eternal COMPANY?

No words, however wisely chosen and phrases skilfully woven they are, can describe Sophie’s experience with her Inner COMPANION. All we can do is have a peep into Sophie’s Nest and listen to her dialogue with her Inner Voice.


Come let’s peep silently into Sophie’s Nest lest she stops thinking aloud.

Sophie: How beautiful the scenic banks of the river are! Tall trees uniformly green and decked with flowers and fruits of different kinds! WHat lovely sacraments of Mother Nature!

Inner Voice: Sophie, dear, it’s not what you see without, it’s a perfect reflection of what you have within makes everything you see beautiful.

Sophie: How could anyone miss the beauty of Nature! The beauty of the wonderful planet Earth! The snow-clad hills! The brooks! The birds!The blue carpet of the oceans! ...

Inner Voice: Yes, Sophie, many miss many beautiful things without because they have already lost the most beautiful within i.e. the centre of every basic unit of the universe and the centre of the whole universe as well, from which everything else came into existence/living. Unfortunately, mankind alone drifts and loses direction and destination while the rest are with the centre, living the Centre as they always have been.


Sophie: Mankind is the best of everything that came from the Centre. Do you agree with me?

Inner Voice: Yes, Sophie I do agree with you..

Sophie: Sadly, the Centre looks losing its hold on mankind, the best and the Highest of God’s creation. How come?

Inner Voice: No, dear. It never loses its hold nor would it ever. Do you understand what the mind is and where it is?

Sophie: Yes, of course. With the invention of the computer, just a fraction of the human brain, I understand the sequence of electrochemical events that happen in our brain is what we rightly call our mind.

Inner Voice: You are right, Sophie. Who invented the computer?

Sophie: Man.

Inner Voice: The super computers?

Sophie: Man.

Soul: The New Supercomputer, the world’s fastest Brain- Mimicking machine?

Sophie: Man, man, man and man, the inventor.


Inner Voice: Great, Sophie. I very much appreciate your wisdom. Now tell me what is required for a computer to work normally?

Sophie: Electrical energy is required.

Inner Voice: Anything else?

Sophie: Chemical energy is required.

Inner Voice: Is that all?

Sophie: Magnetic power processor, motherboard, monitor, keyboard… some few thousand parts, carefully assembled to work in coordination with one another… make a computer work.

Inner Voice: How many processors and circuit boards has the New Supercomputer?

Sophie: Well, one million processors and 1, 200 interconnected circuit boards.

Inner Voice: You are excellent, dear. One more thing is required to make the thousand and more parts, a million processors and the 1, 200 circuit boards work in coordination with one another. What is that, Sophie?

Sophie: Wait a minute please. Let me think. Is it technology?


Inner Voice: Exactly. I love you Sophie. You are a clever girl. Who gives the technology to the computer?

Sophie: Man, the maker of the computer. Who else can?

Inner Voice: You are right. Can you open a computer and show where the technology is?

Sophie: No, nobody ever can.

Inner Voice: Well, does it mean technology is absent in the computer?

Sophie: No, it can never be absent.

Inner Voice: Who gave the technology to the computer?

Sophie: Man, its inventor.


Inner Voice: Is man the inventor of the computer present in the computer?

Sophie: Yes.

Inner Voice: Can you see man the inventor in the computer?

Sophie: No.

Inner Voice: Why?

Sophie: Man the inventor is present in the computer in the form of technology. We understand the presence of the inventor though we can’t see it.

Inner Voice: Proof?

Sophie: The workability of the computer is the proof.

Inner Voice: Can we say the inventor of the computer is present in the computer in the form of computer technology?

Sophie: Why not?


Inner Voice: Well. Can we apply the same syllogism to other inventions, too?

Sophie: Yes, the maker is present in all his inventions in the form of technology.

Inner Voice: Perfect. Now, have a look at your own body. Do you like it the way it is?

Sophie: I very much like it and fully satisfied.

Inner Voice: Good. Are you physically well?

Sophie: Yes. And I make sure I maintain physical wellness, eating the right food in its right quality and quantity at right intervals along with my own physical fitness programs.

Inner Voice: Why do you have to care for your body so much?

Sophie: I have to. My body is my only vehicle for the journey of my life.

Inner Voice: Very well. Do you know all about your body, the only vehicle for the journey of your life?

Sophie: Not all about, but as much as I need to?

Inner Voice: How many cells male up your body, the only vehicle for the journey of your life?

Sophie: Should be trillions of living cells perfectly organized into tissues, organs and systems, sorry I don’t know the exact number.

Inner Voice: You don’t have to worry about the number. The data varies with the source.

Sophie: Thanks.


Inner Voice: Welcome. Can you list the energies and essential things that make the body work normally?

Sophie: Well. The chemical energy (from food), electrical energy , generated from the built in generators, solar system, the magnetic field we live in and that’s all.

Inner Voice: Is that all?

Sophie: Yea, I’m sorry but there should be some technology to make the trillions of cells, the different tissues, muscles, organs and systems of the body work in coordination with one another for the body to work the way we want.

Inner Voice: Lovely, dear! Who gives this technology to the body, the only vehicle for the journey of life?

Sophie: Certainly, the maker of the body.

Inner Voice: Who is the maker of the body?

Sophie: My.. my.. my mom and dad?

Inner Voice: Who is the maker of their body? The penultimate maker is your grandparents, great grands, great great grands and ultimately who?

Sophie: Ultimate source?

Inner Voice: Yes, I mean the ultimate source. Nothing can come from nothing. Everything, small or big, has to come from something. What is that ultimate source? Can you guess?

Sophie: God?


Inner Voice: Wise girl! God is the ultimate source. God is the maker of our body. God is present in us in the form of Love, the Spirit and the power center which we call Soul The One that Unifies Humanity. For the scientists it is anatomy and physiology while in spiritual terminology it is SOUL. Yes, the incarnation of GOD our maker is our SOUL. The Universe is an expression of God’s LOVE.

Sophie: What an enlightening spiritual experience! But, why don’t religions enlighten people about God’s presence within every human person in the form of Love?

Inner Voice: Sadly, they are no longer in communication with SOUL. Consequently they lose direction, Love and Relationship, and destination, the Living Human Person, where God is fully alive. Today’s religions are wrecked ships, left to be prayed for. We must rescue the passengers trapped in the wreck lest they suffocate in the flotsam and jetsam. Look up Sophie. What do you see over there?

Sophie: Just an arc.

Inner Voice: As long as you are at the foot of the mountain you will see just an arc. Up and up as you go and reach the top you will see the complete circle, Sophie. Choosing the right path you’ll be wrong if you sit there, dear. Lift yourself up,dear. Look up to every human person. Accept, understand and love everyone as you love yourself. You will experience fullness.

Sophie: What an ecstasy! From the top it’s always a complete circle! I experience an elevation of thought. I feel I have grown above all differences. I feel the presence of God within me and everywhere as well. I’m able to love everybody and live every moment of life happily in its fullness. Thank you so much.


*As long as we stagnate at the foot of the mountain we see just an arc.
*Only when we reach the top we see the complete circle.

Part B
Interaction time

Do you realize the presence of God, our maker within you? Why? Why not?

What does Spiritual Realization mean?

Spiritual Realization means the act of becoming aware of the presence of God or Love or Spirit or Soul within us and within every human person as well.

Agree?  Disagree?   Partially agree?  Comments, please?

Are God, Love, Spirit and Soul the same?

Of course, yes. God is Love and Love is the Spirit which we call Soul that Unifies Humanity. Where there is Love there is Relationship, by the same token, where there is Relationship will there be Happiness and harmony.
Our Harmony our path
Our Happiness our destination
Come, let’s together walk the path and reach the destination.

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