Our Day 22

Dialogue Drills For Beginners

Drill-1: Listen to the dialogue and then practise it with a partner.

A: What’s your name, please?
B: My name’s Kiruba.
A: What are you doing?
B: I’m a schoolgirl?
A: What’s the name of your school?
B: Evergreen International School.
A: What grade are you in?
B: I am in grade viii.
A: Which grade were you in last year?
B: Last year I was in grade vii.
A: What grade will you be in next year?
B: Next year I will be in grade IX.
A: Are you so confident?
B: Of course I am confident of promotion.

Drill: 2 : Listen to the dialogue and then practise it with a partner.

A: What’s the name of your father?
B: His name is Dylan.
A: How old is he?
B: He is forty two.
A: What’s he doing?
B: He is a plumber.
A: Where is he working?
B: He is working in New Zealand.
A: What’s the name of your mother?
B: Her name is Luna.
A: What’s she doing?
B: She is a school teacher.
A: Nice talking to you. Bye!
B: Bye!

Drill: 3 : Answer the questions, write a dialogue using the questions and your answers and then practice it with a partner.

1. How many brothers and sisters have you got?
2. Who is the eldest child in your family?
3. Who is the youngest in your family?
4. What’s your brother doing?
5. And your sister?
6. What are you doing?
7. What do you want to be?
8. What does your brother want to be?
9. And your sister?
10. What are you doing at the moment?
11. What were you doing all last evening?
12. What will you be doing this time tomorrow?

Our English Sentence Bank
Feel free to borrow sentences from our sentence bank.

● I am at the airport now.
● I was at home an hour ago.
● I will be in Dubai in another five hours.
● I have a brother and a sister.
● My brother Galvin is the eldest child in our family.
● My sister Mia is the youngest in our family.
● I am listening to carnatic music.
● All last evening I was playing with friends.
● Tomorrow this time I will be attending a music class.
● He is attending Government Higher Secondary School in grade xii.
● She is going to St. Philomina’s High school in grade vii.
● He wants to be a forest officer.
● She wants to start an organic farm in our village.
● You are smart.
● You are an asset to our Academy.
● All of you are precious to us.
● You all are welcome.
● Your parents told me you were studying in Singapore.
● You said you were in Andaman last week.
● You will be the best outgoing student.
● Tomorrow this time you will be having driving lessons at our Academy.

Drill-4: Complete the following sentences using suitable words.

(am, is, was, are, were, one, eloquent, good, health, popular, puppy, expensive, gift, mobile, cake, favorite)

● He ------- our team leader.
● Confucius ---------- a great teacher.
● Mr. Desai --------- an honest parliamentarian.
● She was ------of our best outgoing students.
● Your mother is an ----------- speaker.
● Miss Ocene is one of my ----------- teachers.
● Pizza is not good for ---------.
● But it is very ---------- among children.
● A baby dog is called a ---------.
● This mobile is an ---------- one.
● It is a --------- from my children.

Drill-5: Do-it-yourself projects.

My Daily Schedule

Smart children have a list of planned activities showing the time.
Hope you have one.

My Daily Schedule

5.00 a.m. - To rise, brush, wash, pray for a good day, do yoga, go walking
6.30 a. m.- Shower, breakfast, morning study time..
8.30 a.m. To school / online classes
11.00 a.m. Mid Morning snack..
11.30a.m. Classes continue
1.p.m. Lunch break..
2.00 p.m Afternoon session starts
4.30 p.m.- School ends..Tea break
5.00p.m. Time for games..
6.00- p.m. Shower and evening study time..
7.30 p.m.- Dinner, the day’s news, time for fun..
8.30 p.m. Study time…
9.30 p.m.- To bed..

Hello friends! Good morning everybody. It’s indeed my greatest pleasure sharing my daily schedule with you. First of all I must thank you for listening to me. I know how difficult it is to listen to others.

As you all know I’m an early riser.Naturally I get up at 5 a.m. No wonder I get plenty of time to plan the day’s tasks and work towards accomplishing them in time. Brushing and washing over, I pray for a few minutes for a good day. Then I do yoga for twenty minutes and go walking. I generally walk for thirty minutes.

I return home around six thirty and prepare a list of ‘things to do today’ and prioritize them. I have a shower followed by breakfast. Then I study for an hour. I generally study Math, physics and chemistry in the morning hours. As schools remain closed classes are conducted online from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. We have a midmorning snack break at 11.30 a.m. and lunch break between 1.00 p.m. and 2.00p.m. The afternoon session starts at 2.00 p.m.and ends at 4.30 p.m. In the afternoon we read books in the library, do projects, write records or study the easiest subjects: biology, history or languages. Once a week we visit the industries and banks in our neighbourhood.

Between 4. 30 p.m. and 6 p.m. is the happiest part of the day because we can play games, hang out with friends, swim in the lakes and do whatever we like.

I always have a shower at 6 p.m. and then I start my evening study routine, the best time to read books without interruption. Another interesting part of the schedule is our dinner time. My parents, brother and sister sit together and eat a light dinner but talk a lot. We watch TV, listen to the news of the day and discuss politics, weather forecasts and nowadays covid -19 updates.

The night study starts at 8.30 p.m. I generally read short stories, particularly stories full of gentle humour and interesting twists. Having accomplished the day’s tasks I go to bed around 10 p.m. and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Life is a glorious opportunity. The excellent grab the opportunity, set goals, enjoy working towards achieving them and live every moment in its fullness. Hope you are one among the excellent. I wish you well. Thank you.

➢ Do you have a list of ‘Things to do Today’? I hope so. If you don’t have one, create one using the sample.

Things to do today

Hi friends! I’m glad to share my ‘Things to do Today’ list. Do you have one. I hope so.

1. Math and physics for the monthly test.
2. Home work in chemistry
3. Preparing a project for school
4. Cashing a cheque
5. Sending emails to Principal
6. Getting ready for biology practical exam
7. Haircut
8. Visiting the dentist

Project -2
My Family tree

Make a family tree writing the names of your family members.



Draw your family tree the way you like. Write your name and those of your brothers and sisters, your parents, grandparents and great grandparents.


My plans for the weekend


Look carefully at the picture, answer the questions, write a dialogue using the questions and your answers and then practice it with a partner.

1.Where are these children?
2. What is the weather like?
3. How many children are there in the picture?
4. Give each child a name and describe what he or she is doing?
5. What are the things you see in the picture?
6. Describe the uniform of the boys and girls.
7. How many buildings are there? Describe each building.
8. Do you like to play with these children?
9. What game would you like to play?
10. What’s your plan for the weekend?

(Feel free to borrow sentences from Our English Sentence Bank to answer the questions.)

Our English Sentence Bank

● They are in their play school.
● The weather is fine.
● We are at the bus stop.
● We were at home an hour ago.
● We will be at school in an hour.
● They are from Nagercoil.
● There are nine children.
● They are playing in the garden..
● Last year we were in Kanyakumari
● Next year we will be in Chennai.
● We are attending online classes.
● I see an outdoor double swing, two buildings, a foot ball and a number of trees.
● Yesterday this time we were doing an experiment in the chemistry laboratory.
● The whole of next week we will be whitewashing our house.
● They wear a pair of red or green shorts, white shirt and a tie.
● These boys are from Punjab and the girls are from Rajasthan.
● They are football players.
● My parents are working in South Africa.
● What are those men doing? They are fishing.
● Last summer my friends and I were there.
● The natives of South Africa were very hospitable to us.
● Our roads are full of potholes.
● The tourists were very angry about the bad roads.
● I’d like to play football with these children.
● I have decided to clean my house and relax at home.


Draw the picture of a library you have visited and describe your visit.
Model Project


Last Sunday my friends told me a new public library had just opened in our Community Centre . I called the library information centre to check the hours of operation. The librarian told me that it was open Tuesday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. So I visited the library yesterday around 4 p.m..

I greeted the receptionist and walked in. There was a librarian sitting behind a counter. He gave me a Library Rules and Membership Form. I filled up the form, paid membership for a year and got my membership card. I kept my backpack at the property counter of the library and walked in.

I walked around looking at the stacks. Thousands of books had been stored on the shelves. So I didn’t know where my favourite books had been displayed. At last I spotted the nonfiction section and moved on to the short story stacks. There was a pretty good collection of short stories. I went over to the computer and consulted the library catalogue. I found Aesope’s Fables. I collected “ The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse” and “The Fox and The Grapes” and read the stories.

Around six o’clock I left the library and returend home. Nowadays children prefer going online to reading books. But I like reading books. So I visit the library almost every weekend. Thank you.

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