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Language focus

The English Sentence

Part- A
Input Time
Please listen to the presentation and read it aloud four times as you have heard.



In writing we begin a sentence with a capital letter and end it with a full stop (.), a question mark (? or an exclamation (!)


1. Assertive or declarative sentences (Statements)

2. Interrogative Sentences (Questions)

3. Imperative Sentences (Requests, Orders and Commands, Instructions, advice…)
(In these sentences the subject “you” is implied so we don’t have to use it.)

4. Exclamatory Sentences (Expressing feelings/emotions)



Immersion 6
Welcome to Denmark

Part A


Input Time

Please listen, read, watch and then interact with your online guide.

Gary: Hi Ellen! I’d like to visit Denmark.

Ellen: You are most welcome.

Gary: Well, why is Denmark one of the happiest countries in the world?

Ellen: Because everybody is happy in Denmark.

Gary: Are the immigrants happy, too?

Ellen: Of course they are.

Garry: Where is Demark located?

Ellen: It’s located in the continent of Europe.

Garry: Who are the neighbors of Denmark?

Ellen: Well, Denmark has Norway to the North, Germany to the South, Sweden to the East and the United Kingdom to the West. The country is surrounded by the sea except for Jutland, the largest part of Denmark. It is connected to Germany by land.

Garry: What’s the capital city of Denmark?

Ellen: Copenhagen. Come; let’s enjoy a virtual tour of Copenhagen.

Click here to watch this video

Gary: Wow how beautiful and clean! Is the whole country clean and beautiful? Shall we have a video tour of the whole of Denmark?

Ellen: Why not? Please watch the video clip.

Click here to Watch the Video

Gary: I’d be pleased to know about the education system in Denmark.

Ellen: Well, education is open to all on a lifelong basis and generally free. So every citizen attends school and receives the kind of education he/she likes and achieves the career they aspire.

Gary: How well do students participate in the curricular and co-curricular activities of the school?

Ellen: They actively participate in all the activities including interactive sessions with teachers, group discussions, opinion sharing and project work either individually or in small groups.

Gary: I understand why Denmark is one of the most favorite study destinations for the youth of the global community including USA and U .k. How about health care in Denmark?

Ellen: Provision of health care in Denmark is to a considerable extent a public task as around 85% of health care expenses are financed by public funds.

Gary: Denmark has one of the highest tax rates in the world. Don’t the Danish object to high tax rates?

Ellen: No they don’t. In fact, they are proud of paying high taxes and support the Danish Welfare State. The reason behind the high level of support for the State is the awareness of the dividends they receive.

Gary: What kind of dividends?

Ellen: Well, the citizens are entitled to quality education, sustainable employment and job security, food and housing, corruption free governance, individual freedom, equality before law, safety and clean environment. So what the Danish pay is not tax, it is their investment in the welfare state for quality of life.

Gary: Thank you Ellen for the good time. I wish I were born and brought up in Denmark.

Ellen: You don’t have to worry about that. You can move to Denmark if you really want to.

The Power of Attitude

(Excerpt from one of M T Cosca’s presentations at Staff Training College, Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank, Nagercoil)

Lens Boy

Our attitude is the lens of our mind through which we see ourselves, others, the world and GOD. Everybody has an attitude to live.

Perception of reality

Formation of Attitude

The following factors contribute to the formation of attitude

  1. Heredity
  2. Inputs received during the four imprint periods of development:
  3. Life changing events we come across in life and career
  4. The influence of neighborhood…

Personality traits of a person with a positive attitude

  1. A positive vision of the self and the world as well.
  2. These people have the ability to see a winner within and a world of opportunities around. Opportunities are always there. The positives grab them while the negatives miss them. These people have a global perspective.

  3. Good finding habits
  4. Positive visionaries are good finders. They find the best within themselves, in everybody else and in everything around.

  5. Self esteem
  6. They see themselves equal to every winner.

  7. Equanimity
  8. They maintain a calm state of mind irrespective of what happens around.

  9. Total self confidence
  10. The ability to believe we can achieve what we really want. When we believe we can the how we can comes to us from within.

  11. Goal setting and the ability to envision the future.
  12. It’s the ability to set one’s own goals in the following areas: career, education and training, finance, health, familial life, social life and spiritual life.

  13. Stability
  14. The positive visionaries are considered stable because they have the habit of remaining at one job, in one line of activity, and in one place of residence for a reasonable length of time- at least three years on the average.

  15. Industry
  16. The habit of working steadily, on one’s own initiative, conscientiously and productively. Their habits will not allow them to be lazy.

  17. Perseverance and persistence
  18. The capacity in a person to persist in an activity to its fulfillment despite difficulties and obstacles; the habit of finishing what one starts A positive visionary does not give up easily. He/she finds obstacles and oppositions challenging. He/she never gives up.

  19. Loyalty
  20. The positive visionaries put the interest of others- employer, colleagues, associates, family and neighbors before their own and if necessary go beyond the ordinary requirements of their job and serve others’ interests.

  21. Self – reliance
  22. The habit of fighting one’s own battles rather than depending on others to do it.

  23. Ability to get along with others:
  24. The capacity to make and hold friends to maintain healthy working relationship with colleagues, subordinates, associates and supervisors and to obtain and retain good personal acceptance by others.

  25. Leadership
  26. The positive visionaries inspire confidence, respect and trust in others. Others voluntarily go to them seeking aid, counsel, guidance and support.

  27. A clear vision of one’s needs
  28. The Positive Visionaries know their needs and they have the ability to choose a career suitable for need satisfaction.

Character traits of a person with a negative attitude

  1. Blaming and complaining:
  2. They refuse to accept the fact that they are also responsible for everything that happens to them. As habitual complainers they try to put themselves up by putting others down.

  3. Fault finding
  4. Need for attention and approval
  5. Lack of close friends
  6. Aggressive need to win
  7. Over indulgence:
  8. They do not like the way they are. They cannot live with themselves and so they try to satisfy their need through a form of substitution.

  9. Inner Emptiness Syndrome leading to depression:
  10. They discover emptiness within an so feel depressed.

  11. Greed and selfishness
  12. Low self- esteem:
  13. As they don’t discover their best within they feel low and become lower than what they really are.

  14. Indecision and procrastination:
  15. Low self-esteem is frequently accompanied by an abnormal fear of making mistakes. As they fear making right decisions, they postpone.

  16. self-pity :
  17. This “poor me” results from our inability to take charge of our lives. People with negative attitude allow themselves to be placed at the mercy of other people, circumstances and conditions.

  18. Suicide:
  19. Unable to accept their miserable self they escape from their disturbing self by committing suicide.

    The happiest discovery of our generation is that we all can change our lives for the better, live every moment happily and enjoy life in its fullness in perfect harmony with our fellow citizens by changing our attitude.

Wish you all well

Welcome to


With lots of love

M T Cosca

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