Our Day 35

Immersion – 35
verbes réguliers Présente la conjugation: Group -1
(Regular verbs – Present tense conjugations Group – 1 )


             1. The French verbs whose conjugations follow a definite rule are called regular verbs.

             2. The regular verbs whose infinitives ending in “-er” belong to group – 1.

             3. Most of the French verbs belong to group -1.

             4. But all the French verbs whose infinitives ending in “-er” need not be regular.

                 Eg. aller (ah-ley) = to go, is an irregular verb.

       Rule to form the present tense conjugations of group – 1 verbs

             Drop the “-er” from the infinitive and add the following with the remaining stem of the              verb.


    -e, -es,-e, -ons, -ez, -ent     


       Verb: parler (pahr-ley) = to speak

    Conjugation          Pronunciation          Meaning     
Je parle zhuh pahrl I speak /I am speaking
Tu parles tew pahrl You speak/You are speaking
Il/eel/on parle eel/ehl/ohN pahrl He/she/it/one speak /is speaking
Nous parlons nooh parh-lohn We speak/ are speaking
Vous parlez vooh parh-ley You speak/are speaking
Ils/elles parlent eel/ehl pahrl They speak/ are speaking

       Exercise: I

       Find the present tense conjugation of the following verbs

             1. chanter (shan-tey) = to sing

             2. habiter (ah-bee-tey) = to live

             3. regarder (ruh-gahr-dey) = to look

             4. écouter (ey-kooh-tey) = to listen

             5. enseigner (ahN-seh-ney) = to teach

             6. donner (dohh-ney) = to give

             7. inviter (ahN-vee-tey) = to invite

             8. manger (mahN –zey) = to eat

             9. aimer (ahn-ey) = to like

             10. chaser (shay-zer) = to chase

            11. lancer (lahn-sey) =to launch

             12. Imposer ( ahN-poh-sey) = to impose, to force


             1. For the verbs ending in –ger (example: manger), in the conjugation use –eons instead                  of – ons.

             2. For the verbs ending in – cer (example: lancer), use –Çons instead of – ons.

       Exercise II

       Fill in the blanks with the proper pronoun

             1. ____ habite

             2. ____ parlez

            3. _____chantons

             4. _____ donnent

             5. _____ lances

             6. _____ impose

tv board music


             1. Je chante le matin = I sing every morning.

             2. Tu parles franÇais = You speak French.

             3. Il habite à Mumbai. = He lives at Mumbai.

            4. Elle regarde la télévision = She is looking at the television. / She is watching the                           television.

             5. Nous écoutons la musique = We listen to the music.

            6. Vous enseignez le franÇais = You teach French.

            7. Ils aiment les fruits = They like fruits.

             8. Elles mangent du pain = They eat some bread.

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