Our Day 43

Immersion – 43
Futur Simple
(Simple Future Tense)

       • As in English in French also we can express the future tense in several ways

       • The simplest is the simple future tense

       • The simple future tense is equalant to “will +verb” form in English

    Rule to form simple future:

             For Group I and Group II verbs add the following endings with the infinitives.


    ai, as, a, ons,ez,ont     

            2. For Group III verbs drop the final “-e” and then add the above endings

    Future tense conjugation of Group I verb


       Verb: “arriver”

    Conjugation          Pronunciation          Meaning     
J’arriverai zhah-reev-rey I will arrive
Tu arriveras tew-ah-reev-rah You will arrive
il/elle/on arrivera eel/ehl/ohN ah-reev-rah He/she/one will arrive
Nous arriverons nooh-zah-reev-rohN We will arrive
Vous arriverez vooh-zah-reev-rey You will arrive
ils/elles arriveront eel/ehl/zah-reev rohN They will arrive

    Future tense conjugation of Group II verb


       Verb: “finir”

    Conjugation          Pronunciation          Meaning     
Je finirai zhuh fee-nee-rah I will finish
Tu finiras tew fee-nee-rah You will finish
il/elle/on finira eel/ehl/ohN fee-nee-rah He/she/one will finish
nous finirons nooh fee-nee-rohN We will finish
vous finirez vooh fee-nee-rey You will finish
ils/elles finiront eel/ehl fee-nee-rohN They will finish

    Future tense conjugation of Group III verb


       Verb: “attendre”

    Conjugation          Pronunciation          Meaning     
J’attendrai zhah-than-drey I will wait
Tu attendras tew ah-tahN-drah You will wait
il/elle/on attendra eel/ehl/ohN ah-tahN-drah He/she/one will wait
nous attendrons nooh-zah-tahN-drohN We will wait
vous attendrez vooh-zah-tahN-drey You will wait
ils/elles attendront eel/ehl-zah-tahN-drohN They will wait



            1. Je jouerai cricket demain=I will play cricket tomorrow

            2. Ils parleront franÇaise très bien=They will speak French very well.


            3. Elle finira son travail dans le temps=She will finish her work in time

            4. Il mangera du pain et du fromage=He will eat some bread and cheese

            5. Nous nagerons en la piscine=We will swim in the pool


            6. Vous danserez dans la salle=You will dance in the hall.

            7. Tu étudieras le franÇaise à Paris=You will learn French at Paris.

       Exercise :

    Translate the following sentences into French. Use the verbs given in bracket.


            1. I will consult (consulter)

            2. You will sing (chanter)

            3. He will swim (nager)


            4. She will export (exporter)

            5. We will choose (choisir)

            6. You will finish (finir)

            7. They (m) will guarantee (garantir)


            8. They (f) will succeed (réussir)

            9. I will wait (attendre)

           10. You will sell (vendre)

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