Our Day 2


Welcome to Our Day- 2 Presentations

Language Focus

Words, Phrases, Sentences, Functions…


What do we do using words, phrases and sentences?


Every person, place, animal, thing or idea is known by a name.

Names of people: father, son, teacher, farmer…
Names of places: Chennai, New York, Tokyo, Paris,…
Names of animals: cow, fish, elephant, monkey
Names of things: table, book, mobile, milk…
Names of ideas: beauty, cleanliness, courage, honesty…

Activity: Write four more examples of each kind please.

Come let’s have a jack break sharing our home grown jackfruit packed with both macro and micro nutrients.

Wow! What a juicy fruit!

Greeting Formulas


Activity: How do you generally greet your family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues? Please feel free to write as many examples as you can.

Stating something

Activity: Write four statements to describe your favorite food.


Asking for and Giving Relevant Information

Q: What’s your name, please?

A: My name’s Akira.

Q: When did you start school?

A: I started school when I was four?

Q: What’s your most favorite subject?

A: Physics

Q: What do you want to be?

A: A pilot.

Q: How often do you get a good night’s sleep?

A: I sleep well for eight hours every night.

Q: Are you doing anything over the weekend?

A: I just stay home and get some rest.

Activity: Answer the following questions.

  1. Are you an early riser?
  2. What are the benefits of rising early?
  3. Do you plan your day and work your plan? Why? Why not?
  4. How do spend your weekends?

Orders and Commands

(To tell somebody that he/she must do something)

Open all the windows
Clean the table.
Bring me file No.4
Stop talking.
March forward
Right turn
Report to duty at 6 O’clock
Open fire

Making Requests

(To ask somebody to do something for us politely)

Please open the door. Pass me the salt, please.
Kindly help me with the luggage.
Could you spell your name?
Ring us up, please.
Kindly post this letter for me.
May I come in, madam?
Could you bring me a glass of water?

Activity: You are trying to cross a busy road with two big bags. You need help. How would you request support from others? Please write at least four sentences.

E.g. Excuse me, sir. I’m unable to get across the road with these bags. Could you carry one bag for me, sir? … That’s very kind of you, sir.

Giving Instructions/Advice

(To tell somebody what to do or how to do something)

Listen carefully and write neatly.
Be punctual.
Drink water thirty minutes before and ninety minutes after food.
Don’t drink water along with food.
Take two tablets with a glass of water after breakfast and after dinner.
Read the instructions before answering questions.
Talk briefly about which place you’d like to live in.

Activity: Write four pieces of advice our moms generally give their children.

Making suggestions

(To put something forward for consideration)

Let’s walk.
Let’s not waste time waiting here.
Why don’t we hire a cab?
Come, let’s lunch out today.

Activity: Write four examples of your own.

Giving directions

(To show or tell someone how to get somewhere)

Walk straight on until you come to the traffic lights. Then turn right at the junction. Then go straight on until you pass Little Flower Higher Secondary School on your right. Walk another hundred meters and turn right. Walk four blocks. You will see our name board. Just enter the campus and meet our receptionist. She will direct you to our course house.

Activity: You have invited a friend to join a family party. Your friend doesn’t know your exact location. How would you give your friend proper direction?

Expressing feelings/emotions


Activity: Four more phrases expressing emotions, please


I invite you all to dinner tonight.
We invite you to visit South Africa with us.
Please attend our child’s first birthday celebration with family.
Please join us for the housewarming ceremony.
You are welcome to our college day celebrations.
We’re planning a New Year party. So please be with us.
We invite to join us in our daughter’s wedding celebration.
Please be with us as we say farewell to our Principal on May 31, 2018.

Activity: Write four words you like best. Write four phrases and four sentences using each word. Write four examples of any four functions words, phrases and sentences perform in real life situations. Share your creations with friends.


Part- B
Interaction Time
Please introduce the members of your family the way you like.

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