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Language Focus

Parts of Speech

There are eight parts of speech in the English Language. They are:

1. Nouns: Nouns are names of persons, animals, places, things or ideas

E.g.: boy, Habra, dog, Sydney, honesty…

Activity: Please work in pairs.

What are the good things about working with friends?

Identify the nouns in the following phrases and sentences.

  1. Working with friends itself is great fun.
  2. When we work with friends we understand concepts faster, remember facts longer and perform our tasks better.
  3. Our productivity rises very quickly.
  4. Working with friends is the beginning of effective team building.

2. Pronouns: Pronouns are “for nouns”. They are words used for nouns.


3. Adjectives

Adjectives modify nouns and sometimes pronouns.

E.g.: beautiful, charming, juicy, tall…

  1. I like ------- food.
  2. Oranges and berries are --------and --------.
  3. You are very -------- and ---------. So you will get a ------job in the company.
  4. Thank you for being so -------- with me.

4. Verbs: Verbs are words expressing state of being, action or possession.

E.g.: A. Verbs expressing state of being: am, is, was, are, and were

B. Verbs expressing action: accept, understand, play, work…

C. Verb expressing possession: have

Activity: Some verbs are missing in the dialogue. Please complete the dialogue using the missing verbs and enjoy reading with a partner.

Dacia: When ……. you normally ….. your breakfast?
Oscar: I always------my breakfast at 7.30.
Dacia: When ------- you have your breakfast today?
Oscar: Well, as usual at 7.30.
Dacia: When-----your lunch?
Oscar: Um, it----- between 12.30 and 1.30 pm.
Dacia: Where ------you generally ------your lunch?
Oscar: At home.
Dacia: ------you ………your lunch?
Oscar: No, I --------- yet.
Dacia: When ------- you ------- to have it?
Oscar: Today I ------- feel like eating lunch.
Dacia: I ----- ----- lunch from home. You ----- welcome to ------- with me.
Oscar: No, Dacia. Thank you. I ---- a big breakfast today. So I just ------ ------ anything now.

5. Adverbs


Activity: Identify the adverbs in the following sentences and write what they express.

  1. Our new neighbor greeted us politely. (The adverb “politely” expresses manner.)
  2. How long have you lived here? (-----------------------------------------------)
  3. We arrived only yesterday, we replied. (-------------------------------------)
  4. After that we met her quite frequently. (------------------------------------)
  5. How often do you meet your neighbors? (-----------------------------------)

6. Prepositions

A preposition is a word or group of words used before a noun or pronoun to show place, position, time or method.


My Daily Routine

Hello! My name’s Oscine. I’m a school teacher. I always plan my time and work my plan. No wonder I achieve excellence ------my profession. I’m an early riser. My morning always starts -----five o’ clock. I brush and take two glasses------ warm water and have a shower. Then I do “MY BOS” (Master Your Brain Operating System) exercise ------forty minutes. I get dressed and pray------ ten minutes.

After prayer I go walking. I usually walk fast ----- half an hour. ------seven o’ clock I return home and watch a bit ------ news ------ T.V. After discussing the latest news ------ my family members I prepare the day’s schedule. Then I arrange them in the order ------priority. I eat my breakfast------- seven thirty and eight, work ------ nine o’clock and go to school punctually ------ nine fifteen.

The School Assembly starts----- nine twenty and classes----- nine thirty. We work ---- 12.45 and I generally eat my lunch ------- 1 p.m. After lunch I relax ----- ten minutes.

The afternoon session starts ----- 1.30 and we work----- 4p.m. After school I play ----- some forty minutes. Tennis is my favourite game. I don’t waste my time watching tennis but I use my time playing it.

I return home ------- 5p.m., spend some good time chatting ------- my parents, brothers and sister. I read my books and prepare ----- the next day’s classes ----- 7.30. Then I have my dinner-----all at home. We talk a lot over food and watch T.V.

At 8.30 I resume my work. I relax a little reading my favourite books, particularly books ----- self development. And the last thing I do is to make sure I have accomplished everything I had planned. I thank the Lord ------ the good day and pray------- a better tomorrow. I go to bed------ ten and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Thank you, friends ------the good time.

7. Conjunctions

A conjunction is a word that is used to join words, phrases, clauses or sentences.

Example: ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘or’, ‘so’, ‘because’, ‘if’’…
Conjunctions are different kinds. They are:

1. Coordinating Conjunctions

A coordinating conjunction is a word that joins together words, phrases, or clauses of equal importance.
Example: and, but, or, so

Activity: Complete the following sentence using an appropriate coordinating conjunction.

2. Subordinating conjunction

Example: As, when, Though/Although, Because, If, Unless, till/until,

Activity: Complete each sentence using a suitable subordinating conjunction.

8. Interjections


1. Aha!- It’s an interjection used to express pleasure, surprise, triumph or derision.
Aha! My ‘I phone’. I thought I had lost it.
Aha! Our team has won the match.
Aha! Looks mysterious! How could anyone live in a house like this?

2. Ah! – It’s an interjection used to express excitement or surprise.
Ah! That’s fantastic.
Ah! I thought you were in Chennai. I was there but I got back just an hour ago.

3. Alas!- It’s an interjection used to express unhappiness, pity or concern.
Alas! Everything is lost. Everything is burnt to ash.
Alas! People have voted against us. We’ve lost all our seats.
Alas!That’s a pity. Oh! That’s a pity.
Alas!All our rivers and lakes have been destroyed.

4. Well!- It’s an interjection used to express opinion
Well! I never criticize religions.
Well! Let me think a little. In my opinion corruption is a mental illness.

My Neighborhood
Input Time
Please read/listen
Model presentation- 1

Hello, friends! Good morning everybody.

It’s indeed my pleasure describing my village. I live in Azhagappapuram. It’s a beautiful village. It’s a farming village, too. Most of our people take to farming. Our village is located between Anjugramam and Mylaudy on the Anjugramam Nagercoil road.

It’s around ten kilometers to the North of Kanyakumari. So tourists come to our village on their way to Kanyakumari.

Our ancestors highly valued education. So they wanted a school in the village. They soon realized their educational aspirations. Yes, the first school in our village was founded in 1915 by a great teacher in his own house. With the support of some few teachers and the philanthropists of our village the school gradually developed from lower primary to Grade V. And in 1921 the founders dedicated the school to the village. In those days the village school was called “Thinnai Pallikoodam” (Home School).

Patronage of education poured in from every family and every individual of our neighborhood. Happily, today there are two higher secondary schools, a high school, a primary school and a play school in our village. There are two health care centers, Govt. Primary Health Center and Velankanni Hospital, serving the cause of health promotion in our village.

Our parents highly value formal education. So, all the children attend school. Our villagers are hard workers. Many of our men work in the gulf countries. Some few work in Europe, U S A, U K, Japan, Australia and Africa. We love everybody and live in perfect harmony. I like my village and love all my neighbors. Thank you.

Model Presentation-2

Hello! Good morning friends

I live in Muttom. It’s my native village. I like my village and love everyone here. It’s a beautiful place. Muttom is a fishing village located sixteen kilometers to the South West of Nagercoil.

Catholics make up most of the population here and they do a variety of jobs. Majority of the people are fishermen. They go fishing every day. Most of the people are matriculates.

Muttom has a primary school, a higher secondary school, a C B S E school and a college of education. Work has begun on the construction of a medical college.

Muttom has a clean and beautiful beach. The fishing harbor and the Children’s Park add to the loveliness of the seaside resort. Children play games and enjoy a lot of fun there. You are welcome to Muttom. Thank you.

Our Dream Neighborhood

The neighborhood we love to live in

my dream school

For more information please click the link below



Interaction Time

Entertain your friends with a brief description of your village/town/city/neighborhood.

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