Our Day 7

Immersion – 7
Nouns and Gender


• Nouns are names of things, people, objects, places, concepts and so on.
• Unlike English nouns, all French nouns have a gender.
• The gender of a noun has an impact on the sentence construction.
• If the noun is mas/femi the article and adjectives that modify the noun also must be in mas/femi.
• With a few exceptions, we can identify the gender of a French noun by its endings.

The table given below explains the above facts.

Common Masculine Noun Endings

   -eur (uhr)      -al (ahl)      -isme (eez–muh)  
-eau (oh) -ail (ahy) -ment (mahN)
Final vowels other than -e

Common Feminine Noun Endings

   -son (zohN)      -ance (ahNs)      -ade (ahd)  
-sion (syohN) -ence (ahNs) -té (tey)
-tion (syohN) -oire (wahr) - ée (ey)
-ie (ee)

Some occupations which are always masculine

   Profession       Pronunciation       Meaning   
un médecin uhN meyd-saN doctor
un ingénieur uhN naN-zhey nyuhr engineer
un archi tecte uhN-nahr-shee-tehkt architect
un professeur uhN proh-feh-suhr professor, teacher
un auteur uhN-noh-tuhr author
un agent uhN-nah-zhahN agent
un chef uhN shehf chef

Some nouns which are always feminine

   Noun       Pronunciation       Meaning   
une vedette ewn veh-deht movie star
une personne ewn pehr-sohhn person
une victime ewn veek-teem victim


           1.To make masculine nouns feminine, the general rule is to add an ‘e’ mute
Eg:      un ami (mas.)    une amie (femi)

           2.Nouns ending in ‘e’ mute in masculine remain unchanged in the feminine.
Eg:      un aide (mas)    une aide

           3.Nouns ending in ‘en’, ‘et’, ‘on’ in masculine double the last consonant and add ‘e’ mute in the feminine.
Eg:      Indien(mas)    Indienne (femi)
            le lion (mas)    la lionne (femi)

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